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10 weeks ago

EU passes AI act - these techs could be banned

New EU legislation seeks to safeguard AI development and help EU countries catch up on AI as a business
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The European Union (EU) has made a historic move by approving a set of rules for artificial intelligence (AI), leading the way in how AI is managed worldwide. This act, supported by a strong vote in the EU Parliament, sets the stage for stricter control of AI technologies, with certain high-risk ones facing possible bans.

In a significant step towards regulating the digital future, the European Union's Parliament has endorsed the first comprehensive AI regulatory framework. This groundbreaking legislation, voted in with an overwhelming majority, seeks to create a balanced environment where innovation thrives while fundamental human rights are protected. European Commissioner

Thierry Breton and Parliament President Roberta Metsola have hailed the act as a milestone that cements Europe's role as a leader in setting global standards for AI.

The AI Act categorizes AI systems based on their potential risk to society, from those posing unacceptable risks, which will be prohibited, to lesser threats that will be monitored with less intensity.

This classification aims to ensure that AI development aligns with ethical standards and respects individual rights, addressing concerns over the potential misuse of AI technologies, such as the creation of misleading deepfake content.

Yet, the road ahead is challenging, with implementation seen as the next big hurdle. The Act is expected to be fully operational by the end of the current legislative term, pending final approvals and endorsement by the European Council.

This regulatory effort comes at a time when the EU is also tightening its grip on the tech industry's competitive practices, particularly targeting dominant players from the US and China with its Digital Markets Act.

The AI Act's passage represents not just a legislative victory but a foundational shift towards a governance model that prioritizes human oversight in the development and deployment of AI. As the EU navigates the complex interplay between fostering innovation and ensuring safety, this act serves as a critical starting point for a new era of technology regulation focused on harnessing AI's potential while mitigating its risks.


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