6 days ago Finfluencers love this Kazakh investment site, but you should keep your distance! Youtube Finfluencers are actively promoting a Russian investment site accused of sanctions circumvention and links to the Putin regime
5 days ago UK Election 2024: Rishi Sunak Calls Snap General Election The UK Prime Minister has called an election.
6 days ago “I Was Shocked”: Scarlett Johansson Confronts OpenAI Over ChatGPT Voice Scarlett Johansson demands answers from OpenAI about a voice in ChatGPT that she claims sounds strikingly similar to her own.
9 hours ago US Market Open - May 27, 2024: Wall Street Wavers but Nasdaq Soars Daily update from the US market open.

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1 day ago Debunking the headline: US GDP grows by a third ahead of EU in 15 years Europeans need not worry as much as these articles would suggest.
Investment Empowering Women Could Boost Economic Growth, Says IMF Economists Discover how gender equality initiatives could transform economies in Japan and Korea. 1 day ago
2 days ago How Professionals are Positioned Analyst Oskar Vårdal analyzes the impact of real-world demand on commodity and real estate markets.
3 days ago FX Daily: May 24, 2024 - Currency Markets Reflect Global Shifts Daily update from the foreign market exchange.