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2 weeks ago

Recession Panic Resurges Amid Signs of Returning Liquidity, Says Andreas Steno

Analyst Andreas Steno sees heightened recession fears coinciding with improved global liquidity and key market shifts.
Photo by wollertz / DepositPhotos
Photo by wollertz / DepositPhotos

In the latest "Steno Signals," analyst Andreas Steno observes that recession concerns have reemerged as global liquidity shows signs of improvement. According to Steno, this combination is creating a complex economic landscape for investors.

Steno points out that the panic surrounding a potential recession is evident, with the sentiment driven largely by a series of negative economic forecasts. Concurrently, liquidity is slowly returning to the markets, partly influenced by central bank policies and fiscal measures designed to stimulate growth and stabilize economies.

In the United States, liquidity conditions have been tightening due to the Federal Reserve's rate hikes and quantitative tightening. However, recent shifts suggest a potential easing of these measures, which could improve liquidity. In Europe, the European Central Bank's rate hikes continue, but there is speculation that tightening will slow as inflationary pressures moderate.

Additionally, Japan remains committed to an accommodative monetary policy, which helps sustain global liquidity. Andreas Steno explains that improving credit conditions could stabilize global growth, yet risks remain high due to the intricate interplay between inflation, policy shifts, and changing economic data.

Further complicating the situation is the ongoing banking sector volatility, which has heightened fears about broader financial stability. Despite these challenges, Steno notes that there are early indicators of market resilience. He highlights that investors remain uncertain about central bank actions and the future direction of inflation, which makes market timing tricky.

Key market dynamics include significant shifts in the U.S. Treasury yield curve and volatility in equity markets. While these trends contribute to recession anxiety, Steno believes that stabilizing liquidity could provide a temporary cushion. He stresses that investors should remain cautious and vigilant about unexpected economic developments.

As recession fears grow amidst returning liquidity, Andreas Steno advises investors to closely monitor market shifts and central bank policies. He anticipates continued economic volatility and underscores the need for a balanced investment strategy, given the evolving global financial landscape.


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